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Leona Eastman, founder.

Growing up in an African household, wearing waist beads from birth was second nature to me. I had the luxury of helping and watching my grandmother make traditional waist beads for all of the women in my family as early as birth. 

When my grandmother sadly passed away in 2008, I was honored to carry on her legacy and continue making waist beads for the women in my family at the age of 12. My goal is to carry on her legacy and not only make waist beads for the women in my family but women all over to help encourage them to embrace their divinity, boost their self-esteem, and build their confidence no matter their shape, size, and or color. Waist beads are essential in helping women glow and feel beautiful from the inside out, mentally and physically.


Here at TrueBeautyBeads LLC I want ladies to beautify and adorn their waist with true meaning. Having a strong belief that every woman needs a set of waist beads to meet their cultural and spiritual needs.

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