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Leona Eastman, founder.

Growing up in an African household, the tradition of wearing waist beads from birth was deeply ingrained in me. I had the privilege of assisting my grandmother in crafting traditional waist beads for the women in my family from a very young age.


After my grandmother's passing in 2008, I took on the responsibility of continuing her legacy by creating waist beads for my family members at just 12 years old. My mission is to honor her memory by not only making waist beads for my family, but also for women everywhere, in the hopes of inspiring them to embrace their inner beauty, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their self-esteem, regardless of their size, shape, or skin color.


Waist beads play a crucial role in helping women radiate beauty and feel empowered both mentally and physically. Through TrueBeautyBeads LLC, we aim to provide women with meaningful waist beads that reflect their cultural and spiritual identity.


We strongly believe that every woman should have a set of waist beads that align with their individual needs and values.

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