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Beads in a Glass

Waist Beads - Traditional Tie on Waist beads are an African Adornment (accessory) that consists of various beads made anywhere from crystal, metal, glass, wood, stone, shell, and plastic beads strung on cotton string worn around the waist, high hip, mid hip, and or low hip.

Waist Beads History

Traditional African waist beads is an age-old African tradition since the 15th century popularized by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria that later spread to several other African countries but mainly practiced in West Africa. The symbolic reasonings behind waist beads vary throughout the different countries and cultures in Africa but mainly used to symbolize womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body-shaping, fashion, protection, wealth, etc. In today’s day and age waist beads are used for similar reasons but the most common known are listed below:



Waist Beads can be worn as intimate apparel and used for male seduction. Most men find it attractive when women wear waist beads to spice up the sexual intimacy when making love. Historically, women would use their waist beads to lure suitable mates by rattling the beads indicating intimacy. 

Body shaping and Weight Gain/Loss

Waist Beads can be used as a waist shaper and weight gain/weight loss mechanism. Wearing multiple strands of waist beads around the waist can achieve great results in body shaping. If your waist beads start to get tight and roll high up on the waist it is an indication that you are gaining weight. If your waist beads start to fall low on the waist it is an indication that you are losing weight. 

Modern fashion

The modern woman has embraced wearing waist beads made from different materials like beads, metallic chains, crotchet laces and leather belts. True Beauty Beads LLC is an online store which focuses on maintaining the tradition of African waist beads adornment by providing durable handmade and affordable waist beads for women of all sizes. Be it for intimate purposes, as a fashion statement, or just for tracking weight loss, you can get a variety of designs as well as customized beads just for you!

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