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The art of wearing beaded jewelry around the waist is predominant to the African continent. Since the tradition has been passed to the current generation and adopted by western cultures, different people have varying views on why women wear waist beads. Women wear waist beads for the following reasons;

1. Beauty

Women who love showing off their beauty at the beach or pool can attest to the fact that, matching a strand of waist beads to their bikini set makes them feel confident. Waist beads are like any other beauty accessory that boosts one’s self-esteem.


2. Sex Appeal

Many men agree that women who wear waist beads turn them on. It is believed that the sexual appeal connected to wearing waist beads is tied to the sound the beads make during love making as well ass as a play toy during intimacy.


3. Weight Loss Tracking/Body Shaping

A good way to know if you are gaining or losing weight is by wearing waist beads. When you gain weight, the waist beads will become tighter and when you lose weight, the beads will be loose. Most women wear several strands “layering” for the beads to act as waist trainers.


4. Traditional Practices

In ancient Ghana and Nigeria, women used to wear waist beads to improve their curves. This practice is still alive and practiced on baby girls to give them shape when they hit puberty.


5. Protection/Charm

Waist beads have been used for protecting onself from evil eye or harm. In the olden days, women would have the beads “blessed” and once they wore they, they would be protected from various things like infidelity, witchcraft and sickness.

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Article can be found on Traditional Waist Beads at the following link:

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